Maximise health with the Mediteranean Diet & Lifestyle.

Maximise health with the Mediteranean Diet & Lifestyle..

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The utility of Bossigniac CPAP in prehospital care.

This week I would like to add a presentation on B-CPAP which I think most people will find useful & not so scarey after all.

Have a good one.

Best wishes, Karen

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Multidisciplinary Teamwork in Bariatric Retrievals from R&R locations.

There is 1 thing that is certain……..multidisciplinary teamwork is essential for R&R locations.

Just imagine being called to a 200kg female collapsed in the community. Volunteers need to be encouraged, nurtured, supported & trained to handle just about anything.

As a HC professional you have the knowledge, skills & ability to support volunteers to render excellent assistance in any emergency.

If your volunteers are failing before you rant & rave about their lack of competency first look at your own especially in regards to teaching & supporting.

To all volunteers……keep up the good work, we need you & the community relies on you.

Thank you so much for your invaluable assistance over the years !!!

Best wishes, Karen.

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Developing & managing effective health promotion programs.

There is a wide variety of grants available for developing community based rural and remote health promotion programs. However; grant proposals should be well researched and documented to allow competition with the many applicants.

This week I thought it may be useful to share essential basic information to assist in formulation of a competitive program.

Hope this helps and if anyone else has info to share please do !!!

Take care, have fun and enjoy life.


Managing Effective Health Programs

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Some tools you cannot do with out………

The best, most current & continually updated emergency & critical care blogs available:

Emergency Medicine & Critical Care Global Medical Education Project facilitating Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM) anywhere & everywhere in the world no matter where you are :

Emergency Critical Care:

Prehospital & retrieval medicine:

More Emergency Medicine & Critical care:

Medical PPTs Collection:

ECG Revision site: or

Essential Clinical Practice Guidelines:

NHMRC Clinical Practice Guidelines:

Remote PHC Handbooks:

RFDS Clinical Skills Training Videos:

Neonatal handbook:

Melbourne Royal Childrens Hospital Paediatrics:

Stress Management:

Add your favourite sites.

Have a good day, 🙂 Karen.


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Infant Feeding and Nutrition

Infant feeding & nutritionaaaaaFinal Copy of PPT

Hi there,

I thought I might start with an example of a post that may help us to improve our practice.

Please find attached PPT. Could be interesting………

Look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Thanks, Karen

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