Some tools you cannot do with out………

The best, most current & continually updated emergency & critical care blogs available:

Emergency Medicine & Critical Care Global Medical Education Project facilitating Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM) anywhere & everywhere in the world no matter where you are :

Emergency Critical Care:

Prehospital & retrieval medicine:

More Emergency Medicine & Critical care:

Medical PPTs Collection:

ECG Revision site: or

Essential Clinical Practice Guidelines:

NHMRC Clinical Practice Guidelines:

Remote PHC Handbooks:

RFDS Clinical Skills Training Videos:

Neonatal handbook:

Melbourne Royal Childrens Hospital Paediatrics:

Stress Management:

Add your favourite sites.

Have a good day, 🙂 Karen.


About remoteclinicians

I am passionate about changing the culture of R&R health care to increase sustainability & prevent burnout. The most critical factor in providing support to all R&R clinicians is communication, collaboration & multi-disciplinary teamwork. Unfortunately this is difficult due to the tyranny of distance & isolation. This blog has been designed to connect people, increase information sharing, share lessons learned, education & updates in clinical practice. We want you to share your information, PPTs & experience. Most of all we want to know where you are, what you are doing, how you are going, what are you learning & interesting stories. Please send lots of photos to increase our knowledge of the diverse rural and remote areas. United together we can learn to make an even greater difference to the health of all R&R people !!!
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